Healing with Humor: An Interview with Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob)

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When you find yourself in your darkest hour, how do you return from it? Brad Jones of Stoned Gremlin Productions, AKA the Cinema Snob, recently sat down with me to discuss his experiences with depression, the healing power of humor, awful Christploitation films, and his upcoming film project Jesus, Bro! Because I’m me, I also wedged Shin Godzilla into the conversation.

Before listening, I suggest watching his video Once Upon a Time When I Tried Committing Suicide, which inspired me to reach out to him. Enjoy the interview, and hopefully his story can inspire you like it has for me!

If you have any suggestions for interviews or have your own story to tell, contact me! I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Disqustd

    Yeah even if you’re not a social person, like I am not, then you should still interact with other people to avoid depression. Today I was in a bad mood (with the election) and went out, and something some stranger said made me laugh my ass off which really put me in a much better mood. Living in isolation really isn’t healthy, even though you may not like other people.