Introducing: Drill Soul Gaming

Yeah…it’s been a while. Long story short, I lost a lot of drive for the motivational writing in the spring of last year. I continued producing D&D content, then I dropped off all together for a while. I noticed I began to repeat the same message over and over in new posts. I realized that I has essentially said all I had to say in the topic of nerdy motivation, and I wanted someone to be able to come across my blog and find unique content instead of the same stuff over and over. This is unfortunately something I’ve watched happen with one of my favorite writers, Dr. Nerdlove, and it’s disheartening to see his old content buried under rehashed fluff. I want to avoid this.

So what now?

For the foreseeable future, I’m shifting the focus of the website and social media to what I have the most inspiration for: gaming. I’ve been running Dungeons & Dragons games for the last year and a half and much of my creative energy has gone to creating and conducting adventures for my group. I’ll use the site to share my D&D creations (monsters, adventures, items, etc.), announce my products on Dungeon Master’s Guild, and more. There will also be content related to video games and pop culture outside gaming. Plus, you can count on more convention panels.

I hope you enjoy the new content and I’m excited to see where the project goes from here.

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