The Signet of Challenges: A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Homebrew Item

I don’t know about you, fellow Dungeon Masters, but the players in my Dungeons and Dragons game often clamor for a random combat in their downtime. There may not always be a good story justification for a fun and exhilarating combat encounter, and that’s where The Signet of Challenges comes in. Use this item to give your players the chance to fight a powerful and exciting foe whenever they please…but they may regret what they encounter.

dungeons and dragons homebrew signet of challenges
Art Credit to Patrick E. Pullen


Homebrewery link: The Signet of Challenges

As always, feedback is appreciated. This item will be featured in my upcoming DM’s Guild supplement, Tazenor’s Trove of Treasures. Stay tuned for more Dungeons and Dragons content, as I’m currently preparing an adventure to introduce players to the land of Yamatai, where the creatures of my Kaiju for Dungeons and Dragons series dwell.

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