Musical Moment: Maybe – Sick Puppies

This category wasn’t mentioned in the original introduction post, but music can be a great spurt of motivation, either to move forward into a major life change or even just that last burst of will to finish a workout. My music collection has gotten me through many a tough time and enabled thousands of hours worth of fitness. For the first Musical Moment, we’re going way back…to 2009. In December of 2009, Australian rock band Sick Puppies (Shim you broke my heart, why did you leave?) released their third studio album Tri-Polar, and our subject today is the third radio single, Maybe.

First and foremost, have a listen:

The theme of the song is a man who realizes he is not happy with his life and decides to make a change. He does not fit in with the people around him, or, at least, they do not understand him. Despite his aspirations for a better life, he concedes that up until now he has only dreamed of something better. He is afraid to strike out on his own. Then, he makes the decision: He’s tired of waiting for something better, and he will make a change himself.

The most important moment in the quest for motivation and self improvement is the moment you decide to take that first step down the road to something better. Too many people simply sit on the metaphorical and sometimes literal couch and just complain about their lives. They grumble about each and every little thing that is wrong, without identifying ways to change or fix said every little thing that is wrong. There has to be that moment of agency, the moment you decide that you are stronger than the challenges you face. It takes courage and humility to move beyond just thinking of what you want in life to working towards what you want. But, the moment you stand up, you stand taller than everyone who is still wanting change but not making it.

If it helps, imagine “Also sprach Zarathustra” playing as you take that first step.

“Maybe” also admits that change does not come without resistance or self-doubt. The singer wonders if the situation is hopeless, if he should give up. When feelings like this arise, don’t worry. They’re a completely normal bump in the road on the way to something better. Progress in a new skill can plateau. External stressors can drain your willpower. There are days when you want to just give up. Doubts are natural, having them does not mean the quest for improvement has failed. Failure only occurs when you give in to those doubts. Acknowledge them, process them, then press forward.

Lastly, “Maybe” concedes that since nothing stays the same, making a positive change is the best thing to do. Our lives are in a constant state of flux; changing jobs, social circles, interests, living situations, family dynamics, and relationships. Even people who have lived in the same house in the same town for their entire lives cannot say their lives are the same today as they were just a few years ago. Instead, acknowledge this never ending flux and define the direction of your life in a way that you desire. Make plans both major and minor. Set goals. If change is inevitable, why not focus your efforts to create a positive change?

“Maybe” may not be a motivational masterpiece, but it makes a great addition to a workout playlist or a song to listen to on a down or discouraged day. Just a warning though, they’ll probably be back on this blog eventually. Blame my 2000s nostalgia.

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