Colorful Kaiju Discussion Panel – Illogicon 2017

At Illogicon 2017 in Cary, NC; I was invited to sit on a discussion panel about the themes and history of kaiju (giant monsters), alongside local science fiction authors Natania Barron, Richard Dansky, and Jesse Galena. Yes, this is about a month overdue, but a hard drive failure on my computer prevented me from rendering out this file sooner. Better late than never!

      Colorful Kaiju Discussion Panel - Illogicon 2017

If you like what you heard from the other panelists, check out their websites!
Natania Barron
Richard Dansky
Jesse Galena

If you are interested in having me speak or sit on a panel at conventions about kaiju, general nerdery, self improvement, or any other topics covered on this blog, just contact me!

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