Guest Post: “The Power of Encouragement”— Mr. Freeze Pony

mr freeze pony batman my little pony friendship is magic

Hello, world! My name is Mr. Freeze Pony. I am a little plushie pony who looks a lot like Mr. Freeze. Yup. He is one cool guy. Anyway, I saw something on Facebook recently that got me thinking. If you could have any superpower, what superpower would you want?

“Well, hmmm,” I thought.

mr freeze pony batman my little pony friendship is magic alduin skyrim elder scrolls
I once met a dragon! But don’t worry, he was a nice guy.

I realized the super power I would want would be the power to encourage people. That is a power worth fighting for. That is a power that can help people. That is a power that can change lives. Now I have been experimenting on how to encourage people. I have been doing this for a long time, as long as I can remember. Along the way I have figured out a few things.

First off, anyone can be encouraging. You don’t have to be super rich. You don’t have to be super intelligent. You don’t have to be super good with words. I am none of those, but I do a few super simple things that I feel anyone can do. I attend conventions. I have been to anime conventions, literary conventions, and pop culture conventions all over the country. I see many people cosplaying at conventions, and in turn, many people take pictures of those cosplayers.

mr freeze pony batman my little pony friendship is magic winter soldier captain america civil war avengers
Meet my friend G.C. Kinsey Cosplay!

Sometimes I see the cosplayers who might not get their picture taken as often as others. I want no one to have put time and effort and emotion into a cosplay, only to walk away saying no one took my picture. I actively look for the people that probably will not get as many picture, such as first-tiume cosplayers, gender-bent cosplays, or people with visible or invisible disabilities. Basically, I want everyone to have fun at a convention. I make a point to wander around taking pictures with all kinds of cosplayers.

I also try to post something positive each day on my Facebook page. I have been doing this for over a year. Since then, he has been joined by an amazing group of friends. Friends who sometimes post. I believe that I can use Facebook to help people. I am just a little plushie pony, but I honestly believe that anyone can be encouraging.

mr freeze pony batman my little pony friendship is magic
Check out my Facebook for positive posts every day!

Now as a small plushie pony, on my own all I can do is fall over and get dirty. But even with those limitations, I try to encourage people. And lots of people have told me that I am encouraging. Now I will share a secret, shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Or post on the inter-webs. I has worked very hard for a very long time at trying to be good at encouraging people. And I am still working at learning to encourage people. And yes, sometimes I fail. I have learned that if you are honest and genuine, that people are okay with and appreciate it. And each time you try, you learn something. I believe learning to encourage people is hard, but it is worth it.

Now I sit and watch people. I have seen some amazing actions people do to encourage people. Some people give flowers. Some people give chocolates. Lots of people give lots of things. But do you know what? You don’t have to give something to someone to encourage them. You can say encouraging words. You can spend time with them. You can listen to them. You can try to help them with your actions. You can do ANYTHING! Just be honest and try to help people.

mr freeze pony batman my little pony friendship is magic

You don’t have to have super powers to help people. Nope. Me, a small little plushie pony tries to help people. And I think that I succeed. Guess what, anyone can encourage people. That means YOU can encourage people.

So ask yourself, how can you encourage someone today?

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